Podcast Advertising: $51,975 Spent. Here’s What We Learned

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Looking to advertise your business on podcasts? Don’t spend a penny until you’ve read this. I remember the day Ahrefs’ CMO Tim told me I was “now in charge of podcast sponsorships.” I said: “Awesome!!!” I had never listened to

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Is Gamification the Key to Better Video Engagement? [New Data]

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In June of this year, Facebook announced that it would add new features to its platform to make video more interactive.

Anchor Text: The Short & Sweet Guide

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When’s the last time you thought about the specific text you hyperlink in order to direct readers to another page on your website? This text, known as anchor text, doesn’t get much attention. But if done right, it can bolster your SEO efforts.

How to Write a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide [+ Free Blog Post Templates]

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You've probably heard how paramount blogging is to the success of your marketing. But it's important that you learn how to start a blog and write blog posts for it so that each article supports your business.

Without a blog, your SEO can tank, you'll have nothing to promote in social media, you'll have no clout with your leads and customers, and you'll have fewer pages to put those valuable calls-to-action that generate inbound leads.

Google Used Search Data to Create This Report for Navigating the Holidays

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Ah, the holidays. It's a holly, jolly time of year that's full of egg nog, seasonal foods, and -- in a word -- chaos.

The Ultimate Guide to Communication

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The key to any relationship is communication.

7 Fitness Challenge Ideas to Get Your Team Moving

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 80% of American adults don't get the recommended amount of exercise per week. Unfortunately, this number could ultimately affect the productivity and long-term success of your company.

15 of the Best ‘About Us’ & ‘About Me’ Pages and How to Make Your Own

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Building a website is, in many ways, an exercise of willpower. It’s tempting to get distracted by the bells and whistles of the design process, and forget all about creating compelling content.

It's that compelling content that's crucial to making inbound marketing work for your business.

So how do you balance your remarkable content creation with your web design needs? It all starts with the "About Us" page.

Self-Driving Cars Will Hit the Road in a Few Weeks. Are We Ready?

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A recent Bloomberg report says that self-driving car maker Waymo is planning to launch a driverless car-hailing service imminently.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com: What’s the Difference?

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Year after year, WordPress ranks as one of the top website building tools available. This easy-to-use CMS (content management system) software is beginner-friendly, offers a variety of plans, and allows you to quickly create and manage a unique and functional website for your visitors.