How playlists on TikTok can significantly increase views

Using Playlists On TikTok Can Increase Views

It seems that TikTok came out of nowhere and quickly established itself as a bonafide social network. To do that in a surprising amount of time in what happens to be a very competitive market deserves praise.

TikTok has a significant advantage that incumbents like Facebook don’t: a primarily younger demographic. In the US, Gen-Z is the dominant audience on TikTok, whereas Facebook finds it difficult to retain young users.

For most marketers, though, TikTok remains a mystery. While TikTok has built out its ad suite to compete with the incumbents, there isn’t as widespread acceptability compared to Facebook Ads or Google Ads. That’s not to say that the value isn’t there. On the contrary, TikTok can be a great source of highly targeted traffic, provided it’s done right.

The platform continues improving its offerings to provide features that can increase views and engagement. Playlists on TikTok are one such feature. They’ve been around since last year and are a great way to boost views on videos, thereby increasing engagement instantly.

How do playlists work, and so far who can make them on TikTok

TikTok announced the launch of its playlist feature in 2021. As the name suggests, it enables users to categorize their videos in an easily playable format so that viewers can seamlessly see some of their best work without digging through their profiles. TikTok puts playlists on the user’s profile above their pinned and recently posted videos.

Sounds like a feature that should be available to every TikTok user, right? Sadly, that isn’t the case at this point. The TikTok playlists feature is only available for select content creators. How do you know if you can create a playlist on TikTok? You’ll see an option to create one in the Video tab of your profile.

It’s not known for sure what requirements a user needs to meet before this feature is enabled for them. Perhaps TikTok is doing a phased roll-out of this feature, so eventually, it should be possible for all TikTok users to create playlists.

TikTok playlists - Best Practices

Best practices for TikTok playlists

The benefits of creating playlists on TikTok

If you’re among the lucky users who have been given access to this feature, it’s time that you considered the benefits of creating TikTok playlists.  

Prime placement for your best content

TikTok’s For You page is built with the idea of helping users discover new creators. The app actively sends people your way who may never have seen your content before. You’d want them to see your best work first so that they stick around and become engaged followers.

The playlists will be front and center when someone comes across your video and opens your profile. It gives you the perfect opportunity to make the best first impression with your content. A playlist with some of your best work will ensure that these new visitors appreciate your work and become part of your audience.

Significant increase in watch time

Watch time is one of the essential metrics for video content creators. It tells them precisely how long their content can keep the viewer’s attention. Higher watch times mean that the viewers appreciate the content and are happy to stick around for more.

Playlists on TikTok provide users with the ability to increase their watch time. By offering curated content selections, they can keep viewers engaged and entertained for longer, thereby increasing watch time and establishing a stronger connection with the audience, which would translate into more engagement with all of their content.

Help viewers find what they’re looking fo

If you create episodic content on TikTok, viewers want to have all related videos available for seamless viewing. For example, if you create videos about cooking and knitting, someone who is only interested in your recipes may not want to watch any content about knitting.

By creating separate playlists for the topics you create content on, you can help viewers find what they’re looking for with relative ease. Creating an excellent first impression and the fact that you made the process easier for them will encourage them to continue engaging with your content in the long run.

The benefits of creating playlists on TikTok