Social Media Creation – Syndication & Management

No business can afford to ignore Social Media any longer.

For the last decade social media has been one of, if not the single most important part of any Digital Business’s Marketing Strategy and is only continuing to grow.

What Does Social Media Marketing Involve?

Social Media Marketing these days is a broad term that encompasses a number of different subjects. This is not just a matter of posting regular Tweets – instead companies need comprehensive social media strategies that will straddle multiple channels and that will work to effectively, building followers, trust and sales.

Effective Social Media Campaigns can potentially result in your product and/or service being seen by thousands locally or even millions of people.

Small to Midsize Companies can effectively use social media and Content Syndication to spread their message through existing social networks so that they are gaining referrals and testimonials from the friends and family that their customers trust.

At the same time, The Best Social Media Campaigns can help businesses to grow trust and become the Authority of their niche all by developing a real relationship with their followers and that helps to position them as true thought leaders.

Here are just some of the crucial aspects involved in social media marketing:

Profile Creation: Your Companies objective with Social Media Marketing is basically to ‘be everywhere’ that your potential clients are. That means you should be on every social media channel that is relevant and that can work with your industry or niche. Typically this means YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google but it also means Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and others that are expected and so this level of interaction is required especially for local business by their customers.

Regular Posting: It has been said that having a ‘dead’ social media channel is potentially worse than having no social media channel at all I don’t see as quite that bad but it close. If you aren’t posting regularly then this will look as though you have ‘abandoned’ your social media accounts. Worse, it may look as though you’ve closed your business entirely because you are not interacting with current and potential customers! To be successful on social media you need to post regularly so that you can build momentum and deliver value to those who want to get to know your company. Consider every single Tweet or status update as a chance to demonstrate the type of value and business culture that your brand can deliver.

Tools and Software: Posting regularly and constantly, coming up with new, high quality content for your media channels is actually a challenging process. It’s for this reason that the best social media strategies will also incorporate tools for managing posts, for finding new content and for assessing progress.

Content Creation: Sharing content on social media is one of the best ways to get likes and shares. This way, social media marketing and content marketing are closely linked and the key is to understand why content gets shared so that you can develop media that has a true potential to go viral. Remember, people share content because it says something about them and because it facilitates conversation.

Content Syndication: Here at Brick N Mortar Marketing we feel that doing the work of Social Media Posting and it’s interaction and the Content Creation that goes along with running your blog and Syndicating all this great content out across all these platforms means do it once and share it in as many places as it makes sense to do that.

On-Page Integration: You also need to integrate your social media into your site itself. That means using social sharing buttons and embedding Your Videos right into your SEO and consumable content to encourage active sharing.

We like to use a Tailored Plan of Action

Here at Brick N Mortar Marketing we can handle every aspect of your companies comprehensive social media strategy.

We will discuss your brand and your goals with you first and create a tailored action-plan that will help you to generate the likes and shares of people interacting with your content quickly and effectively.

To discuss your customer building strategy further, contact us.