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Lets get some clarity here.

Companies employing Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC, can realize huge leaps in website offer traffic using the most effective and profitable form of marketing available.

The reason is that, as the name implies, when doing Pay Per Click Advertising you are only charged you for the actual clicks that you receive.

Having said that Businesses online will only recognize a dramatic increase of web traffic and ultimately profit once the ads are dialed in and converting at a high level.

From one stand point this means you won’t be charged for ads that aren’t getting a response or conversion by getting clicked.

So PPC gives you with a way to get exposure as well as to generate highly targeted traffic to your website, landing page or brand.

Pay Per Click Advertising Brick N Mortar Marketing

How Does PPC Work?

There are four main PPC networks that most businesses will use.

Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, YouTube, Facebook.

Since these platforms allow you to advertise in their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) what you are promoting could appear (depending on what your bid for a given Keyword was), right at the top of the list as one of the ‘sponsored links’.

Pay Per Click Advertising Brick N Mortar Marketing Pay Per Click Advertising examples                    Brick N Mortar Marketing

Here’s an Old Example

So… This means, when your visitors see your ad, they would have searched using a keyword your ad is set up for rather than seeing it while they are searching the net.

The one big advantage here is that your traffic is both targeted and Typically receptive to your offer if presented in a way that appeals to them.

In other words, they’re engaged in what you’re offering because they are looking for it at that time.

When you contact Brick N Mortar Marketing, you and I will discuss these various options to help you identify the best networks for your specific brand and goals.

If you’d like to know my PPC Philosophy I’ve made a PDF to explain why I am a bit different than the folks who just want your money and will leave you hanging to get your own results once the ad has been clicked.

What is Website Re-Targeting?

It helps Bring Visitors Back!

Visitor re-targeting is a strategy that is often employed in a PPC campaign to bring previous visitors back to your website. The ads about that website follow or show up on other websites that the original visitor also frequents.

How this works is that the platform you are running ads on will store cookies on the Computer or Web Browser of your visitors. It will be able to identify them and advertise to them again as a previous visitor. So you show up in many places as if following those customers and visitors who showed an interest but didn’t quite convert the first time.

This strategy is employed by both the Giants in business al the way to the Mom and Pops that know about it. It has proven to be very effective.

What Makes PPC So Great?

A well run PPC campaign will use the strategies of re-targeting and others including negative keywords so that you are reaching the most sought after and targeted and receptive audience. By the same token, it takes advantage ad designs which tends to ensure that the only people who click on your ads are the people who would be most interested in buying your products and services.

From where I this means being up-front and honest in your ad text. If what you’re selling is an eBook for $20, then state the price right in your heading.

That way you’ll help people to decide for themselves if they are interested in paying that much for an eBook – and if they don’t click, you don’t pay for them seeing your ad impression.

PPC is powerful and big companies will invest millions into it because it provides such huge returns.

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