The Simples Rules About How to Address a Letter

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Nowadays, we communicate primarily through direct message and email, even in the workplace. In this era of fast-paced digital communication, letters often seem unnecessary and even antiquated.

9 Easy Ways to Convert Webinar Leads into Sales

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A jam-packed webinar is a beautiful thing. But you know what’s better than filling your funnel with webinar leads? Converting those leads into customers.

Unriddled: Amazon Officially Selects HQ2, an Unsend Feature Coming to Messenger, and More Tech News You Need

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"Unriddled" is HubSpot's weekly digest of the tech headlines you need to know. We give you the top tech stories in a quick, scannable way and break it all down. It's tech news: explained.

How a Tiny Finance Startup Dethroned Fortune 500 Giants in Google Search

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In 2009, most people would have called Tim Chen, the founder of Nerdwallet, crazy for even trying to take on the titans of the credit card industry. As the only employee at his company, that also had no funding, how could he possibly manage to garner the attention of consumers when his competition consisted of companies with billions of dollars at their disposal?

How to Use Facebook Live: The Ultimate Guide

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In April 2016, Facebook launched Facebook Live, a live video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast from their mobile devices straight to their Facebook News Feed.

Since its launch, live streaming video has exploded in popularity -- particularly on Facebook Live, where according to Vimeo, 78% of online audiences are watching video on Facebook Live as of 2018.

VIDEO: How to Win More Customers With a 5-star Reputation Strategy

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As part of the Local Marketing Institute‘s Local Business Marketing Summit earlier this year, I had the pleasure of sharing my tips for developing an effective reputation management strategy. Take a look at the video below for the

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The Leader’s Guide to Effective Change Management

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The only constant in life is change.

The 17 Best Photoshop Tutorials & Ideas for Anything You’re Trying to Accomplish

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There's no doubt that Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool for marketers. Photoshop has thousands of features, tools, settings, and shortcuts that have drastically changed and shaped graphic design and photo editing over the last few decades.

With the sophistication of today's design capabilities, however, comes the hassle of learning and staying up-to-date on Photoshop's features.

The What, Where, and How of Video Consumption [New Data]

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Since late last week, the topic of online video has worked its way into a few headlines.

Guidelines for the Top Local Review Sites: Rules from Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more Explained

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We’ll be updating this page as and when guidelines change, so be sure to bookmark! Every year, the BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey shows us just how important reviews are for local businesses. Of all the data,

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