Authority Marketing

Make the Shift, and Close the Gap between your Marketing Investment and Targeted, Exclusive Sales.

Simply put, when your marketing is done this way,

Your Perfect Clients and Customers Reach Out to You.

As they feel they Already Know You are a Perfect Fit.

Be Seen as The Authority

Lead generation is so much more than getting potential customers to fill out a form.

The only real way to attract and convert total stranger based inquiries into sales-ready leads is by meeting them where they are.

Crafting and Syndicating multi-dimensional campaigns I make every prospect feel like they have a front-row seat to your Authority.

I then create the specific model of how to reach that target audience for your business.

It’s like their own exclusive membership to what it is that you do.

Having found where your market ‘lives’ on the web, You will show up where it is they are already consuming content.

Define the Perfect Client

Granular Specifics work best.

Where are they Online

Content matches what they Already Consume.

Present your Authority

Consumable Content relecting you as being the Perfect Solution.

Sounds Cool Dave, What are we looking at?

Typically what to expect…

  • You Will be Involved

    I’m not suggesting this will be a second job for you but it is about you so your input is needed.

  • Content Syndication

    The content we create is never one off, we’ll use it across many platforms.

  • Video is Involved

    Whether you are on camera or it’s just a voice over top of images videos play a huge role.

  • Creating a Voice

    This works best if you have a message that you need to get out there.

  • We need Chemistry

    All of us should only work with people that are a good fit for us.

  • There are Expences

    In some cases there are additional fees. If third-party services or software is needed that is your expense.

Lets talk about Your Needs