21 Best Online Marketing Tools (That We Use At Ahrefs)

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This article doesn’t list every marketing tool under the sun. It lists the tools that we use at Ahrefs. The tools that helped us—a bootstrapped company—reach $40M ARR in seven years… Ahrefs never got funding. ~40M ARR and 60% YoY.

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The Professional Writer’s List of Transition Words & Phrases

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Talking to someone who constantly jumps from one unrelated topic to the next is a strange experience. The entire conversation seems random and unfocused, which makes it hard to stay engaged, and easy to say, “I gotta go”.

What’s a Finsta? We Explain This Confusing Instagram Trend

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I first heard the term "Finsta" from my 16-year-old cousin. She had just taken a ridiculous selfie of herself, and had declared it "Finsta-worthy".

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