I want an Internet business. Where do I start?

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I’ve been helping my readers and students launch successful online and Internet based businesses for nearly a decade. Even though I’ve been part of helping thousands of people achieve significant online incomes, I’m aware that much if not most of my audience is still stuck at square one for one reason or the other. This is a visual map to help you pick an idea to start with, or if you’ve had some success and want a new income stream you’ll find my favorites here.
Welcome to my “Opportunity Landscape” or “Opportunity Map”. A lot of thought went into this – I hope you like it.
This video explains the map:At the bottom of this article you’ll see an older version of my map. Here’s the latest version:

Did I leave anything out? Do you want more detail on any of these opportunities? Do you disagree with where I placed any of the opportunities? Let’s talk about it… (also – for additional reading check out this $5 book. It’s helped launch hundreds of successful businesses (if not more) online.

Scroll down for the old version of the map…

The Old Map:

Choosing an affiliate tracking & payment service

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I get asked a lot about my preference for tracking orders and making sales of digital goods online. There are numerous options available so I thought I’d start a conversation on the topic.
[embedded content]
Some other thoughts I left out & things I’m learning as a result of this article (help me add to this list and keep it current with your comments below):
Clickbank & PayDotCom – you don’t need a merchant account. I have one now, so that’s a non-issue for me.
If you want 2 tier tracking Nanacast offers it, but on orders placed using PayPal, they don’t allow it (PayPal’s rules are silly here)
Other options that probably belong in this article: Click2Sell.com (help me complete this list)
Get access to my nanacast expert using this link. No links in this article are affiliate links. If you want to use my affiliate link to join any service listed drop a note in the comments and I’ll hook you up (and thank you!)
I’ll try to create a features/benefits grid over time as I gather information on this topic. I couldn’t’ find a good comparison online anywhere, so this is my attempt to start researching while while letting you know what I’ve learned so far.

Just Finished a Video for a Client

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I am really hoping this video grows legs and takes a good long run for this client.

Using EVS to post it here and to some other sites.

Josh Bartlett’s EVS (Easy Video Suite) gives me the statistics that most others don’t

seem to think are important.


Top Marketing Content in January 2014

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There’s a lot of actionable content put out here, and I want to make sure you didn’t miss the best stuff from January. Here’s a recap of what was most enjoyed, published and shared last month:
These are the most popular podcast episodes in January:
#3 – How to Use Pinterest For Real Estate Marketing
[embedded content]

#2 – Best Social Media Image Sizes
[embedded content]

#1 – Keeping Motivated With A Stats Dashboard
[embedded content]
Wish you hadn’t missed these the first time around? Subscribe to the podcast and you’ll get the downloads in your iTunes as they’re published, automatically.
The Facebook Page has been kickin’ lately, these are the posts with the highest Engagement Rate in January. If you’re not a fan yet, join here and jump in the discussions.

These are Facebook embeddable posts, so you can interact with them directly on this site (as long as your’e signed in to Facebook). Nifty!

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RESULTS: Twitter Re-engagement Campaign

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Results from a Twitter re-engagement campaign I’ve been running – is Twitter worth the effort anymore?
(Got your own questions for the show? Ask ‘em here!)
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Hey again, Michelle MacPhearson here! It’s another episode of the Michelle MacPhearson podcast. So today, I wanted to share with you some actual results that we’ve been getting in my business. This is about walking the walk, right?
We did a Marketing Con Queso episode, Justin Brooke and I, about some of the biggest lessons learned in 2013. And one of the things that I have to keep relearning year in and year out is consistency, right? You’re not going to get anywhere in your business without doing the things that work over and over and over again. You can’t just do them once. And to that truth, I put into place some Twitter posting in December that I have some results to share with you. No, actually, it was the very end of November.
I took all of my back content at michellemacphearson.com – all of the good stuff, all of the stuff that is still relevant and still matters today and that is still useful and I created a tweet that linked back to it. And that I took all of those tweets and I loaded them to BulkBuffer which then loaded them into my Buffer account automatically, without having to do each one individually. And then I scheduled those posts to go out on Twitter every single day, one a day.
The results are in now. So in the period before I started doing this, when I would just Tweet occasionally, when I had a new blog post up or something, “oh, new blog post, go read it,” that sort of thing, I got 61 visits from Twitter in the month prior. I know, super depressing, right? 61 visits, I am supposed to be like an internet marketing expert. I should be getting more traffic than that from Pinterest, right? But that’s where you have to walk your talk.
In the month after that, once we actually started publishing to Twitter regularly, every single morning, directing people back to the blog, we ended up getting 543 visits in that month from Twitter. A massive, massive increase that actually ends up being an 890% increase in traffic from an avenue that I had kind of gotten to the point that I was thinking, “It’s dead. No one’s on Twitter. No one’s paying attention anymore because you don’t get as much interaction, much actual conversation as one used to on that site.”
However, I can look at this evidence and see that people are still there and people are still actually interacting with your content, clicking through, reading the post, even if they aren’t necessarily speaking back to you on Twitter about that content.
Should you be publishing to Twitter? Of course! But that consistency, that regularity is the key. And this consistency is going to be the difference between success and failure and anything that you do online.

Twitter re-engagement campaign results

(The stats don’t 100% match up with what I said in the video, I ran a report at that time but didn’t note the exact dates I’d used. This is a graph of the same general time period give or take a couple of days. Click to enlarge.)
I happen to have some stats to prove it to you for Twitter for specifically but is this going to be the case for Pinterest, for creating blog posts, for your Facebook marketing? Of course, it is. You have got to be consistent with your promotions to get the results that you’re looking for.
I hope that these stats were able to inspire you to put some thought ahead of time into your social media marketing and the kind of content that you’re publishing on those sites, making sure that you’re doing it regularly.
Two tools that you can use are Tweriod and your Facebook Insights. Tweriod will tell you when your Twitter audience is online. If you go to Facebook Insights and then click on “Posts” in the upper navigation bar, that will tell you in the last 7 days, when most of your Facebook audience has been online.
Now, you know when to publish to Twitter and when to publish to Facebook. And then you use Buffer to set up a schedule for those sites that publishes your posts that you’ve created ahead of time during those time periods when your audiences are at most visible online.
Those are two tools to get you started. Of course, if all of this are overwhelming or if you just don’t like writing social content, of course, we can do that for you. Head on over to socialmediadaily.com, and select your package and my team will actually take care of all of these details on your behalf in your voice promoting your stuff.
Those are some results, 890% increase in traffic from one social network alone, just by being consistent. So put on your consistency training wheels for the year ahead. Thanks so much and head on over to michellemacphearson.com if you’ve got any questions. All right, thanks. Bye!

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Podcasts I Listen To

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What’s on my podcast playlist? Here are my favorites.
(Got your own questions for the show? Ask ‘em here!)
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Hey again, Michelle MacPhearson here! It’s another episode of the Michelle MacPhearson show. And in today’s episode, I’m going to talk to you about podcasts.
You probably, since you’re watching this, know that I do a podcast. There’s this one, and I also do another one with Justine Brooke called Marketing Con Queso where it’s  he and I going back and forth about marketing topics and giving our opinions – which do not always line up.
Podcasts are a great vehicle to get your message out to an audience. There’s something very different about people reading a blog post versus people hearing your tone and inflection, and knowing you at a much more intimate level when they can hear your voice. Podcasts are an important tool in your marketing kit.
I wanted to share with you some of my favorite podcasts that I actually listen to. I’ve been asked before what I think the best ones are. I don’t know about the best but I’ll give you the ones that hold my attention.
So on the non-business side of things; I’ll get those out of the way first. I have Welcome to Night Vale which I enjoy listening to with my 7-year-old because it’s kind of creepy and spooky and weird, and he likes that. I also listen to Roderick on the Line which is hysterical because John Roderick  is a male Alaskan-born counterpart of me. So there’s that. I listen to This American Life for it’s good story telling. I listen to The Moth, which has the same thing, good story telling. Those are the ones that are purely for enjoyment.
On the business side of things, I listen to The Dave Ramsey Show. I consider that to be something that I listen to more on the business side because I really love his model of a call-in Q&A show. That’s one of the things that we do here too with the Michelle MacPhearson show, is actually take your calls via the plugin at michellemacphearson.com. You can call in, you can ask a question and then I can respond to that. So I really love how he does that and that is where I would like to get eventually is to where we can do something live like that from time to time.
And I think his way of giving advice but being able to put it into actionable nuggets, is a really great skill for anybody in information marketing or advice-giving or blog post writing business like we’re in to make the content that we create actionable and simple. So that it’s easy for people to grasp on to. So I admire what he does in that area. That’s a business podcast that I listen to.
I also listen to the School of Greatness. That is Lewis Howes, formerly of “how to use LinkedIn” fame, he has now branched out into an overall “business success” kind of brand. I was kind of like, “Eh,”, when I heard he was coming out with the podcast, but when I started listening to it, I actually think that it’s one of the best business, inspiring, motivational, Q&A type of interview shows out there because he asked a lot of questions that other folks are afraid to ask, and because he brings in a different kind of guest. So it isn’t the normal circle jerk of internet marketing folks, all being on each other shows, that is a self-perpetuating machine. He doesn’t always pull guests from that crowd. And I really appreciate that and enjoy his show because of that.
I also listen to the Bulletproof Executive Radio. I listen to about half of their shows. I think that the show is good. It’s a good example of having a few things that are your principles – like his Bulletproof coffee, and like you don’t eat this, and you do, do this. And reminding your audience of those principles, time and time and time and time again, every single week. I think that show comes out twice a week. Even when you disagree with your guests, as he does from time to time about certain topics, he doesn’t play nice with it. Like, “well, I mean, you know, okay we can both agree to disagree.” He’s not mean about it by any means. But he sticks to his principles. He has again, kind of like Dave Ramsey with those nuggets of things that say, “this is how we do things.” Building a brand, building an audience, building a community around those kinds of tribal messages is super powerful. So I enjoy listening to his show because of that. And then also, health and wellness is a topic that personally interests me. So we got both sides on that.
Let’s see what else I’ve got. Back to Work, classic Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin, talking about productivity, communication, organization, fear, anxiety, depression. They actually range topics from very practical kinds of stuff, how to organize your iTunes to those deeper things that I mentioned. Merlin Mann can get a little bit self-indulgent from time to time. But gosh! I just love Dan Benjamin. I stopped listening to the show for a while because I was like, “Merlin, I’ve had enough of you.” But I came back because I wanted to listen to Dan. So it’s a good show, in the end, to remind you to focus on the things that are important to you, to stop wasting time with the noise, and get down to what actually produces results in your business. So I do enjoy it for that but I also enjoy the camaraderie between the two hosts.
I listen to James Schramko, SuperFast Business podcast. I became a member of James’ Mastermind, the Silver Circle, once I decided to take my business from being sort of a one-man band plus an assistant into actually building a full team. That was something that he has done in the past, and I do believe in getting advice from folks who’ve been there. When I decided to expand my team and build out my services business, I did want the advice of somebody who has already built out a large team in a different services business. It’s been invaluable in helping me grow that team and deal with HR and hiring and those kinds of decisions over the past year. And I listen to the podcast of course, so that I can keep an eye on what he’s doing because I think that he’s really great at what he does.
I also have in here, Marketing Con Queso, big surprise, and the Michelle MacPhearson shows so that I can check up on my own stuff and make sure that my podcast are coming through like they should. And it gives another download count into the iTunes store.
If you are publishing a podcast yourself, downloads do matter in terms of your ranking in the iTunes store. The other thing that matters when people are searching for a topic whether your stuff comes up:
1. Downloads: iTunes is going to look at, is your podcast already popular about a topic? And if so, they will put you closer to the top when somebody searches for that keyword.
2. Keywords: is that that keyword that the person has searched for is in your title, your description of that episode and of your podcast as a whole. So keywords are important as well when you want to rank in the iTunes store.
But downloads are good, so subscribe to your own podcasts. It’s like voting for yourself. If you don’t vote for yourself in the election, how can you expect other people too?
So I hope that has given you a little bit of insight into how my mind works and what kind of information I like to feed myself every week as I download and listen to those podcasts. And I hope that you are able to find one or two new things to listen to yourself from that list.
So if you’ve got any questions, head on over to michellemacphearson.com and thanks for listening. Bye!

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Why I’m Giving My Best Paid Course Away For Free

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Does it make sense to give away premium content? I might be ringing the gong and saying that infoproducts are dead!
(Got your own questions for the show? Ask ‘em here!)
[embedded content]

Hey, folks. When I announced on Facebook that I was giving away my Always Be Shipping course for free, I got a lot of questions, the main one being, “Why?” So I wanted to make this video for you and let you know why I’m giving away Always Be Shipping for free.
There’s several reasons. The first one is that I have moved my business away from providing content or information for sale and moved it towards a services business. This was a strategic decision based on the changes in the marketplace.
There are more and more and more and more information or content providers – whether that is information sold as an information product, or bloggers or podcasters, or any number of ways that people can distribute information. It seems like the world has kind of gotten the hint that information is going to be free. Even if I have a really great secret strategy for ranking number one in Google and I package it in an infoproduct, someone is going to buy that product and then they’re going to put it on their site for the public. So trying to keep information secret seems like a futile effort.
That was one of the reasons why I’ve moved my business away from information being the product. It only makes sense then when I’ve got some really good information like Always Be Shipping (it has over 90 videos I believe in it) to put that out for folks to enjoy because it is the highest quality product that I’ve ever produced. It’s something that I’m very proud of. And given that I’ve moved my business away from producing courses for sale, I’d still want you guys to have access to it.
So if you don’t have it already, you can go to MichelleMacPhearson.com and enter in your email and sign up for Always be Shipping and you’ll get access to all of the course modules.
Another reason that I moved it to free is because there’s a few small changes. One of the things that we talked about in the course is Google Reader. Google Reader, as you know, has been shut down. It’s not a huge deal and all that you need to do is sign up at Feedly and it does the same thing
There’s a few small changes like that in the marketplace, technical changes that I don’t want to remake 90 videos to discuss. So it didn’t feel like the right thing to do to continue to sell a product or to attempt to sell a product that did have some bits and pieces that needed updating.
So what I did when I put those up for free is that I did make a note and suggest alternatives for the couple of things that needed updating.
The other thing that made me decide to move towards Always be Shipping being a free product is that when it came out, we were at the very beginning of this content marketing effort. Everybody was still really hung-up on SEO.
When I started making the course, it was right before the big initial Panda update – Panda or Penguin. It was right before the initial one of those hit. We’ve obviously seen that get into a worse and worse and worse situation for people whose businesses are focused solely on SEO.
We’ve seen since then so many people transition to a business that is not based on SEO, whether it’s paid advertising, whether its content marketing. SEO is no longer the cornerstone of the majority of people’s businesses from whom it was a cornerstone then.
The course is focused on content marketing and the course is focused on syndication of that content that you’re creating – getting it out there, using that as your SEO in a way. I mean good content is going to attract people on social and it’s also going to attract Google and Bing and Yahoo.
But at the time, it was a new concept and what people still wanted were those tips and tricks, “SEO tips and tricks please” served on a silver platter. And we do have quite a few tips and tricks in the course for syndicating content and that kind of thing. But the whole breadth of it is not tips and tricks. It is about a solid long-lasting content marketing strategy and plan for your business.
It is a course that is actually even more relevant now when it was originally produced. I also think with the market consciousness kind of opening up to content marketing and hearing about it from a ton of other people like Quick Sprout, like Neil Patel, like CopyBlogger. Now, everything is spouting off about content marketing and so the marketplace is more open to that. So I wanted to share this material with them because that’s what it’s about. It’s what everybody is talking about these days. They’re talking about it because it’s a good strategy.
It’s something that obviously, I’ve tapped into back then and that I want to share with you now. I hope that you’re open and ready to receive it because this is where the marketplace is going and this is going to be the survival strategy for those Panda’s, those Penguin’s, the Google slaps, the whole thing. You’ve just got to start doing content marketing because once you’ve got good content marketing, like I said, you’ll attract the search engine traffic on its own so that becomes something that you’re not worrying about.
And with that good content, you can now run those paid ads or you can now get that social media attention that you’ve always wanted because you’ve got the good content to back it up.
So head on over to MichelleMacPhearson.com, enter in your email for free access to Always Be Shipping. I hope that you enjoyed the course. Leave a comment in the course index that you’ll get access to and let me know what you think. Alright, thanks! Bye bye.

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Optimized Social Media Image Sizes

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What is the best image size to use on the various social networks?
(Got your own questions for the show? Ask ‘em here!)
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Hey, this is just a quick video on the optimal sizes for Pinterest and Facebook. I was actually asked on Facebook by one of my marketing buddies, who should probably know better, so I thought that I would share it with you guys too.
On Facebook, there’s a common misconception – and I’ve seen it because I just looked it up to see what other folks were saying – that an image should be 403 x 403. That’s wrong.
So what’s happens if an image is 403 x 403 on Facebook, it will show up in the timeline as a nice square – don’t get me wrong, it looks good there – but when you click to expand it, you’ve got this tiny little image on the page. So we want to have a square, but we don’t want to go as low as 403 x 403 because Facebook will resize a larger square, say 800 x 800 or whatever you choose to use to a smaller one when it goes to show it on people’s stream.
So for Facebook, use a square. We’ll make it bigger than that 403 number that you keep hearing about. Instagram, square always. Bigger is better. You’ll get more clarity. And then it will resize it. So that’s the answer there. And that’s also why you can use Instagram as a really great place to prep photos to later use on Facebook because you’ll get that square aspect ratio that works on Facebook.
Now on Pinterest, you’re going for vertical. We want to have a portrait orientation image. That is because things that are long take up more space in the Pinterest feed. So a horizontal image will only be this big and it will always crop it to a certain amount wide, which isn’t that wide. And then, a vertical image will always be that same amount wide, but it will be long on the screen.
So when you create those long images, you’ll be able to get more screen time. Actually, if you head on over to the socialmediadaily.com and you click on our custom viral images, you’ll be able to see some examples of what we are doing with those Pinterest graphics to create that long vertical effect that gets more screen time and thus, more shares and more likes on Pinterest:
Vertical images get more space on Pinterest than horizontal images.

The overall width that you want to go for on Pinterest is a max of 735px. And then the length can be as long as it needs to be to show all the information that you need it to.
So Instagram, square. Facebook, square over 403px. And Pinterest, 735px wide and more than 735px long to get that vertical effect that works on Pinterest.
Now if you are interested in or don’t want to create images for Facebook and Pinterest, you can go to SocialMediaDaily.com and buy one of our image packs and we can create all of those images for you. Our images are optimized instead of like infographics for people to look at them and get information, they’re actually optimized to get the clickthrough to your site. So that’s the focus of your images that you create as well.
So thanks so much. If you’ve got any more questions about image sizes, head on over to MichelleMacPhearson.com and ask them. I’ll see you in the next episode. Bye bye.

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How to Use Pinterest For Real Estate Marketing

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Now is the time to start your Pinterest account if you’re in real estate – you can bring that local flavor to your boards to attract new listings. Read on for more.

(Got your own questions for the show? Ask ‘em here!)

[embedded content]

A question from Bruce:

Hey, Michelle. It’s Bruce calling from New Zealand. Michelle, I would be really interested on behalf of my partner, who is actually a real estate agent, in knowing some of the key factors behind using Pinterest marketing effectively to help promote and grow a real estate business.

What sort of pins, what sort of content should a real estate agent with a Pinterest account be building up that would be of interest to home buyers?

From what you’ve said in the past, I’m thinking content around home renovation, locations, interior decorating, all sorts of things and yet people love to look at pictures of houses including houses for sale.

So I’m a little bit confused and would really, really love your input on this because I have faith that you would know the answer to this. In fact, there’s probably an entire cost that you could design around Pinterest for real estate agents. Notwithstanding that, love to hear from you and get your take on the best way to do this. Thanks, Michelle. Bye!

The Michelle MacPhearson Show on iTunes

Hey, Bruce. Good to hear from you. So Pinterest for real estate, right? There’s a few things that you could do and yeah, you’re headed in the right direction.

You’re going to want to focus on houses, renovations, interiors, interior decorating. The larger thing to think about or to look at is the lifestyle, overall. People buy a home with a dream of what their life would be like when they’re in that home or people begin looking for homes with that idea. So the entertaining, the warm family and friends gathered around the table, those kinds of things evoke the emotion which can help you in a site like Pinterest in terms of getting more attention, getting repins and that kind of stuff.

We want to focus on the specifics of owning a home and what the home looked like and renovation and that kind of stuff, but we also want to think a little bit about the emotion behind it too and what that home will mean to the buyers.

You’re right! People love looking at pictures of houses. People love looking at pictures of what might one day be theirs, so making sure that you create that kind of content for people too is going to be important.

For example, rather than putting up one picture of the exterior of a house that’s for sale, create a vertical-shaped Pinterest graphic that has several pictures of what you’ll get inside the house and outside as well, so that people can get a full look at what this house is about and hopefully share it.

Now the other thing too is that since real estate is a region-specific thing, you’ll want to also focus on a little bit of local content. That might be news in your area. That might be attractions, events, that kind of thing that people in a local area might be interested in following and learning more about. And when they follow your boards for information about what’s going on locally, they will then also see the homes that you or your partner has for sale.

You never know, one of them might interest them. They might be in the market, they might not be in the market, but when they see the kinds of beautiful photos that you put up and the life and the dream that they could have in those new houses, perhaps they will become your client.

So that’s the way that I would approach Pinterest marketing for a real estate agent. I hope that that gives you some jumping off points, but if it doesn’t, head on over to MichelleMacPhearson.com and ask a follow-up.

Alright! Thanks so much, Bruce and everybody else.

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Your Personalized Stats Dashboard

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How to display your stats in a personalized dashboard, as your screensaver, so you’re always aware of where your business stands.

(Got your own questions for the show? Ask ‘em here!)

[embedded content]

The Michelle MacPhearson Show on iTunes

Hey, folks! Michelle MacPhearson here. It’s another quick episode of the Michelle MacPhearson Show, and I wanted to show you what I’ve been using to keep myself motivated.

It is a quick little hack that you can get set up in about a half an hour from start to finish and I think that it will help you keep your business on track this year.

So what we’re using is Geckoboard (use my link for 10% off), which is a stats dashboard. It allows you to display stats from a lot of services that we all use. And then, because I’m not super good at remembering to go check my Geckoboard every day, I’ve actually set it up to display as my screensaver. So every time I get in a conversation or otherwise take a break from the computer, I’m able to see my stats as they pop up. In that way, I am reminded to check them every single day – and in this case, actually multiple times a day because there they are on my screen, right?

One of the things for me with dashboards and reports and stuff like that, if I get a report in the email over a PDF or even just in an email, I’m probably not going to open it. I’m going to thank, “Argh, that’s my daily report with stats…” but I don’t really take the time that I should to review it. And so this has been a huge solution for me and I think that it might be helpful for you too.

To give you an idea of some of the stuff that you can do with Geckoboard and that you can get it to display, mine right now shows my time and it also shows Philippines time because my team is in the Philippines. So that gives me a quick look at what time it is there, are people up yet, are they working yet.

It tells me Aweber subscribers today versus yesterday and Aweber total subscribers.

It syncs with ZenDesk, so I’m able to see the current active tickets, how many tickets are waiting, the average reply time, average request or wait time, all of those kinds of stats so that I know what kind of activity we’re seeing in our support desk and how well that activity or those requests are being handled.

It enables me to see traffic from Google Analytics to my websites. I’m able to see conversions from my website, so I’m able to see, “Oh, okay. We’re making sales on this particular product, but not this one so much. Maybe we should ramp up promotions or that.”

I have a productivity score. This taps into my RescueTime, which is another tool that I use to keep myself on track.

And then I’ve also got a lot of social stats – YouTube views (I’m nearing 1.5 million!), Facebook likes, new Facebook likes, engaged Facebook users, Twitter followers and that kind of stuff.

In addition, it can take in RSS feeds. With that, I’ve got my most recent blog posts and then I also have the RSS feed from my project management system, so I can see the tasks that are being worked on, the comments on those tasks, that kind of thing.

And Geckoboard does a ton more. It’ll hook in with your InfusionSoft and get you a lot of sales data if that’s the kind of stuff you’re looking for, tons of other services that you may be using.

It’s really helped me force myself to look at these numbers every single day. When I see a drop in traffic or when I see a gap in sales or when I see that I have less subscribers today than I did yesterday, it motivates me to get to work and get those numbers up.

You always want to see the little green arrows pointing up. That’s how Geckoboard displays data – the red arrows point down if things are going down. So I want to see more green arrows, more green text. This has helped me stay on track, stay motivated and get pointed in the right direction every single day.

If you’re on a Mac, there is an issue with being able to set a live web page as your screensaver. It’s not something that’s built in. I believe that that is a built in functionality on Windows these days. If you’re on a Mac like I am, you can use a little tool called Web Saver. It’s at code.google.com. Just search for Web Saver, you’ll be able to find it. It will download, then you install it into your system and then it’ll be in your screensaver settings. You can choose Web Saver, enter in the URL that you want to display (which of course is going to be your Geckoboard URL) and boom! It’s set up. It’s pretty simple.

I hope that you enjoy it and I hope that this tip keeps you motivated in your business too. If you’ve got any questions about the set up or something completely different, head on over to MichelleMacPhearson.com and let me know. I’d be happy to answer them in a future episode. Thanks so much, guys!

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